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Our Boston area medical practices specialize in creating effective and affordable Wellness plans for people seeking relief from their illness or improvement in their overall well-being. Both patients and wellness-seekers benefit from the guidance of a caring, well-trained physician to help them achieve their desired results.

Our practices specialize in Cannabis Therapeutics, Stress Management, Insomnia, and Human Sexuality. We have developed innovative wellness programs designed to help you live an enriched, passionate, and fulfilling life.

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Inhale MD provides personalized, Cannabis-based medical guidance for New England residents who have been diagnosed with qualifying conditions, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Our wellness center also provides educational materials for individuals who wish to improve their general wellbeing through the use of Cannabis.

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Online sessions combine the comprehensive detail of in-person consultations with the ease and convenience of in-home care. Patients have peace of mind that our online sessions are secure and confidential.

Meet Dr. Jordan Tishler

Dr. Jordan Tishler is a Harvard-trained Holistic Care expert. As a leading expert on Cannabis therapeutics, Dr. Tishler employs Western medicine and Cannabis care to treat a wide array of illness. He is additionally focused on stress management, insomnia, and human sexuality. The intersection of Cannabis medicine and sexuality is a particular area of expertise for Dr. Tishler.

After years of research and learning, Dr. Tishler is an accomplished author, teacher, nationally sought-after speaker, and tireless patient advocate. A caring and dedicated physician, Dr. Tishler will work with you and your care team to manage your illness, or improve your well-being and quality of life. Contact Dr. Tishler today for an appointment.

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Cannabis and Wellness

Enhanced Sexuality

Cannabis has been shown to promote dramatic improvements in all areas of sexuality in both women and men. From increased desire, to improved erectile function in men and lubrication in women, to better and more frequent, satisfying orgasms, Cannabis can improve intimacy in the bedroom.

Improved Sleep

Cannabis is a wonderful sleep aid. Difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep is the number 1 health-related complaint among Americans. Cannabis can help you get a full night’s sleep, and awake the next morning refreshed, without the fuzzy-headedness or “hangover” associated with conventional sleep medications.

Decreased Stress

Stress reduction is an enormously important part of health and well-being. A program of mind-body relaxation, mindfulness, and Cannabis use can bring harmony to your life. You can feel better, achieve more, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Improved Sleep

For many who don’t have overt anxiety or depression, social interaction can still be overwhelming and daunting. Cannabis can help you feel more at home in public situations, while not requiring you to feel Cannabis intoxication while in those situations. Ask us for more details.

Medical Marijuana Knowledge Center

Cannabis has been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses and wellness issues. We believe that knowledge is power, and that an informed patient makes our best partner in their quest to be as healthy as they can be. Here we present a large library of articles by Dr. Tishler aimed at helping you understand how to use Cannabis safely and effectively to improve your life.

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We provide personalized, accessible care that’s sensitive to your healthcare needs.

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We make the process of getting care simple and easy.

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Our physician is a Harvard trained expert and focused on your well-being.

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We provide personalized, accessible care that’s sensitive to your healthcare needs.