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If you would like to practice a healthier, more active lifestyle, consider incorporating Cannabis (marijuana) into your daily or weekly exercise routine.

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A Runner’s High

7 Potential Health Benefits of Running

Does Cannabis Before a Workout Affect Performance?

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Training With Cannabis

Does Smoking Weed Make Your Workout Better?

The NFL Contributes $1M to Studying Cannabinoids and Pain

World Anti-Doping Agency Is Set To Review Banned Status Of Cannabis For Athletes

Can the Latest Olympics Controversy Change Cannabis Policy?

How to safely exercise while high, according to medical cannabis doctors

‘Stoner-cisers’ say exercising while high has helped them lose weight, be mindful, and maintain energy

The Reason Behind the Runner’s High Isn’t What You Might Think

Why some athletes are turning to cannabis to help them train

Runner’s High: Can Cannabis Help Runners?

Can You Use Cannabis For Your Workout Recovery?

Is There A Link Between Runner’s High And A Marijuana High?

Sports: The Role of Cannabis in Athletics

How the Fitness World is Embracing Legal Cannabis

CBD and Exercise: Risks and Benefits

Here is how cannabis could help you get faster on the bike

Using CBD While Working Out Can Help You Recover Quicker & Here’s What Else You Need To Know

Is Marijuana Replacing Protein Shakes as the New Health Supplement? People are Including Pot in Their Pre-Work Out Regime

Is Weed Really Performance-Enhancing?

Can CBD Products Improve Your Fitness Results?

Should You Be Smoking Weed Before a Workout? Some Athletes Think So

How cannabis may affect your running performance

NBC NEWS: Can Science Solve Football’s Concussion Crisis?

Can weed really help you recover from workouts?

6 weed myths fit guys can ignore

Optimal Strain: Can smoking weed improve your workout?

Can marijuana help your workouts? This gym thinks so


Here is a collection of interviews with Jordan Tishler, MD.

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Medical Card and Access to Cannabis

If you suffer from a serious illness which causes chronic pain, difficulty eating, frequent mood disturbances, or other persistent negative effects, prescription marijuana may be able to help ease your discomfort and improve your quality of life.

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Pain spans a wide range of issues, including arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, neuropathy, headaches, joint pain, and more. Medical marijuana can help with these issues.

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It is important that we understand what is legal when it comes to medical marijuana. What is legal in one state may be illegal in another, so it is important to stay educated and up to date on these important topics.

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Tishler: Is Delaware on right track with medical cannabis?

Various safety concerns’: Why the FDA declined to regulate CBD as a food or supplement

Legalization Is Not Enough. We Need a National Medical Cannabis System

Legalizing Marijuana: How Recreational Marijuana Legalization Changes the Medical Use Landscape

Pe247 Gaps & Politics in Cannabis Treatment for Patients

Cannabis legalization must address medical use, not just recreational use

What About Patients’ Rights in New Legislation?

Legalization: Is it Good for Medical Marijuana?

Colorado Lawmakers Approve New Rules Tightening Medical Marijuana Access

Employment protections for cannabis consumers in Canada and the US continue to evolve

Alabama’s approval of medical marijuana meets mixed reaction

Who Are The Companies Stepping Up To Prove The Safety And Efficacy Of Cannabis To The Government?

Why Biden and Congress are Failing Patients in the Push to Legalize Cannabis

These PTA Parents Are Scared of Legalized Weed, But Should They Be?

No marijuana ‘apocalypse,’ but legalization brings concerns 

State issues marijuana contamination notice to consumers

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Medical Cannabis Industry

Lawmakers hear testimony on bills to ban pot billboards, expand medical marijuana access for veterans. Cannabis doctor opposes bill for sidestepping medical supervision.

Bill would help vets get medical pot. Opponents say legislation creates dangerous shortcuts.

Medical cannabis users are hurt when bans go too far

CDC Announces Next Outbreak/Death Statistics Released Dec. 5

Health officials argue vaping ban could be an opportunity for education

What The Mass. Vaping Product Ban Means For Medical Marijuana Patients

Florida Democrat says medical pot use keeps patients off organ transplant list

“Show me the math:” US doctor calls for THC standardization in edibles

Medical marijuana gaining momentum in SC. Primary vote could deliver another boost

Veterans Defend Our Freedom. It’s Time We Defend Theirs. Why VA Policy Causes More Harm Than Good.

Medical marijuana industry preps for advent of legal pot

How Jeff Sessions Might Enforce Federal Pot Laws

Can a worker be fired for using medical cannabis?

As Marijuana Popularity Increases, Children’s Exposure to Drug Also Rises

Marijuana Stocks a Bummer for Investors

The Chase for the Next Legal High

The Sun Strikes Again: Look Who Isn’t Helping Patients in Mass

Cannabis Expert Witness: 6 Reasons You Need to Retain One

Sex and Relationships

Medical marijuana can be a tool used for individuals and couples in improving both sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement.

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Does CBD Work For Sex And Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Four States Set To Consider Making Female Orgasmic Disorder A Medical Marijuana Qualifying Condition

Marijuana Could Help Women With FOB

What Women Want: Medical Marijuana To Treat Female Orgasmic Disorder, 4 States So Far Obliging

Marijuana Can Help Increase Orgasm Frequency And Satisfaction For Women, Study Finds

Illinois Panel Votes To Add Female Orgasmic Disorder As Medical Marijuana Qualifying Condition

Could cannabis help women reach orgasm? A new study says so

Makkelijker, vaker, beter – vrouwelijke orgasme vaart wel bij wiet

Study Shows Marijuana Boosts Orgasm Frequency and Satisfaction in Women

Le cannabis peut-il traiter l’absence d’orgasme ? Le débat s’ouvre aux États-Unis

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Cannabis Boosts Women’s Orgasmic Satisfaction and Frequency

Could Cannabis Boost Your Love Life? Exploring the Potential with a Harvard Professor

Is The ‘Weed Goggles’ Phenomenon Real? Here’s The Science Behind The Attraction Boost

Why Aren’t We Talking About the Sexy Side of Cannabis?

Cannabis + Sex = More Pleasure

4 ways weed can impact your sex life and relationship

Cannabis a treatment for female orgasmic difficulty

The Reason Sex Feels So Good When You’re High


#33 Suzanne Mulvehill & Dr. Jordan Tishler, therapeutic cannabis for female orgasmic disorder


NY TIMES: Cannabis for Better Sex? Here’s What the Science Says.

Cannabis for Sex

I Tried CBD Suppositories for Sex and the Results Were Shocking

Marijuana use could improve sex and orgasms, small study finds

11 of the best sex tips we learned from sex educators, therapists, and a dominatrix in 2021

Cannabis And Sex? 5 Tips For Couples From Intimacy Expert & Harvard Physician Dr. Jordan Tishler

Cannabis Transformed My Sex Life, And It Could Do The Same For You

Sexy Psychedelics? Making Love on LSD

Weed can give you better orgasms, but too much can kill an erection. Here’s how to properly dose it.

Cannabis for Couples on 4/20

EP224 – How Does Cannabis Affect Sex? with Dr. Jordan Tishler

A Deeper Dive into Cannabis and Sex

Ep. 38 – Putting the Fun in Sexual Dysfunction w/ Dr. Jordan Tishler, MD

These Are the Surprising Positive Side Effects of Masturbation


Is It Time to Infuse More Fun Into Your Sex Life?


Cannabis and HPV: A treatment or a cause?


Stoned Sex: Can CBD Make Sex Better without THC?

Study: Cannabis Improves Sex Lives

Cannabis Can Enhance Sexual Function and Connectivity

Love Strains: How to Choose the Best Weed for Sex

These Experts Think Mixing Cannabis Edibles with Sex Is a Big Mistake

Cannabis can help with better sex, but low doses are key

How to Sustain Good Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

8 CBD And THC Products To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Smoking Pot Could Reduce Conflict, Aggression, and Violence in Marriages

Marijuana as Sex Lubricant Might Not Necessarily Light Your Fire

The love drug: can marijuana improve our sex lives?

Can Weed Help You Have Better Orgasms?

Experts Have Some Very Good News About How Weed Affects Your Sex Drive

4 Ways To Use Cannabis For A Better Sex Life

Feeling Insecure In Bed? 5 Tips To Deal With Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sex & Cannabis | Quick Hits

6 Ways High Sex Compares To Drunk Sex

Three Surprising Side Effects of Masturbation

Why Don’t We Talk About Painful Sex?

We Talked to a Harvard Doctor About Sexual Dysfunction and Cannabis

Science Just Gave You an Awesome Reason to Get High and Masturbate All Day

Myth Busters! Let’s Talk About Cannabis and the Vagina

Can Marijuana Save Your Sex Life?

6 Ways to Help Alleviate Sexual Pain

Stimulate Her With 12 Moan Zones

The Best Sex Advice, According To 13 Experts

Here Are the Science-Approved Health Benefits of Having Sex While High


Insomnia and other sleep disorders affect more than just your Z’s. They can affect your cognitive functioning, mental wellbeing, physical health, and more.  Medical cannabis can help with these issues and get you back to sleep.

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Medical marijuana may be able to gently and effectively reduce your pain and nausea while improving you mood, appetite, and ability to sleep restfully.

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CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in both hemp and cannabis. While CBD has gained popularity for a variety of health claims, robust scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness in adults is conspicuously lacking.

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The Hype Around CBD Has Tipped From Exaggeration to Outright Falsehood

The benefits and side effects of using CBD oil

What Do You Need to Know Before Using CBD? — Two CBD Experts Weigh the Pros and Cons

7 Things to Know Before You Buy and Try CBD Products

Does CBD Impair Your Driving Abilities? Experts, Researchers Disagree

Can CBD or Cannabis Help Ease Psoriasis?

8 Effects of CBD in the Body You Might Not Know

What you need to know about CBD products

CBD Oil for ADHD: Research on Treating Symptoms

Dr. Jordan Tishler Thinks CBD Is a Scam. Is He Right?

CBD Store Coming To Brookline’s Coolidge Corner

Can CBD Really Ease the Symptoms of a Hangover? Here’s What Experts Had to Say

Megan Rapinoe speaks out about using CBD for pain management and pushing CBD into the mainstream

5 Science-Backed Uses for CBD

5 Confusing CBD Myths It’s Time to Set Straight

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Using CBD

What happens when you try all the CBD products you can find?

Know the facts about CBD products

This Is Your Body On CBD

The rise of CBD

Gronk running new pattern — hawking CBD

You Can Now Paint Your Lashes With Cannabis Oil Infused Mascara

11 CBD-Infused Beauty Buys for Your Self-Care Routine

We’re in the midst of a CBD craze. So how do you find the right stuff?

Can CBD Make Sex Better? Here’s What the Experts Say

Can CBD Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms? Here’s What Doctors Are Saying

Calm your nerves: CBD for anxiety

The 15 Best CBD Vape Pens

Is There Literally Any Reason for CBD to Be in Your Skin-Care Products?

The CBD oil trend

Does CBD Work for Pain Relief?

CBD Is Not A Cure-All: Here’s What You Should Know about CBD and Pharmaceutical Drug Interactions

Do Topical CBD Products Actually Do Anything for Pain?

Does Hemp Oil Have Health Benefits?

CBD Didn’t Cure My Anxiety—but I’m Still Not Dropping It From My Self-care Routine

Does CBD Work for Pain? MD Answers


We Looked Into Whether CBD Oil Actually Relieves Anxiety

Does CBD Work for Pain Relief?

A Definitive List of the Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil

How to Find the Best CBD Dosage for Alzheimer’s Disease

Pretty Much Everyone Is Hyping The Health Benefits Of CBD Right Now

CBD is Trending, But is it Good for You?

Could an Epilepsy Drug Change Federal Policy on Marijuana? Probably Not

Not Feeling the Magic of CBD? It Could Be Because of This

The Gossamer Guide To CBD

Is CBD Oil Legit? Here Are 7 Things to Know Before You Try It

Can CBD Oil Really Bring You The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Without Getting You High?

Is weed skincare worth the hype?

CBD Drug Interactions: Taking CBD with Prescription Drugs

Men's Health

Medical marijuana can be beneficial to conditions specific to men’s health issues.

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Mental Health

Medical marijuana can benefit those suffering from conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

Mental Health 1024x585 - In the News

Can CBD Help with Your Mental Health?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Cannabis and Cognitive Decline

Why Are So Many Americans in Legal States Still Dying From Alcohol-Related Causes?

Cannabis and Productivity: Let’s Assess the Nuances

Are Doctors Comfortable With Holiday Gatherings This Year?

What Beyoncé Learned When She Stopped Being ‘Overly Conscious’ of Her Body

Expert: Cannabis Therapy Can Help Disrupt the Cycle for Patients with PTSD

Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity to turn ‘Cali sober,’ trading in alcohol for weed.

What to Know About Using Marijuana to Cope With COVID

Does Cannabis Use Worsen Depression?

How to Use Cannabis to Help with Holiday Stress

Cannabis Doctors Discuss Mental Health

Healing Our Heroes

Can marijuana cure or cause dementia?


Strong links to psychosis raise questions about marijuana safety

Cannabis and Mental Health: Schizophrenia

Can cannabis treat anxiety? It’s complicated

Marijuana for PTSD; Vets in Cannabis Pt3

Medical Experts Remain Hesitant to Recommend Cannabis for PTSD, Anxiety

Getting In the Mood: How Pot Could Change Depression And Anxiety Treatment

Can Cannabis Control Depression?

New Study Suggests Cannabis Helps Fight Depression

Aaron Carter Says He Stopped Using All Prescription Drugs—But Does Still Smoke Weed

Mental Health Professionals Are Figuring Out When Marijuana Is the Right Medicine

Does Weed Help With Anxiety?

The VA Can’t Provide Cannabis to Veterans With PTSD, so This Group Gives It Out for Free

Medical Cannabis, Sleep, Pain, & Mental Health

The Marginalized Are Anxious, So Where’s the Weed Research to Help?

Unraveling Schizophrenia: Ways To Conquer Symptoms Naturally


Understanding the science behind medical marijuana, cannabinoids, and how the endocannabinoid system works in the body all play an important role in how we are able to treat our patients.

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Why Are Physicians So Reluctant to Use Cannabinoid Medications?

Overcoming the Poor Solubility of Cannabinoids

Is marijuana more harmful to your lungs than cigarettes? A study suggests it may be.

Everything You Need to Know About THCV, the So-Called ‘Diet Weed’

THCV is often called ‘diet weed’ due to claims it can suppress your appetite. Here’s everything we know about it.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that power your weed. Here’s how they work and make you feel.

Mold is all around us, but what happens if you smoke moldy marijuana?

How Does Cannabis Affect Brain Health? What Researchers Want You to Know

Pax’s new vaping pod is made solely from pure cannabis. Is it any healthier?

Tainted marijuana’s possible health effects include allergic reactions, experts say

Scientists want to pay people to exercise while stoned for an upcoming study

Nurses See New Career Opportunities in Medical Cannabis Space

Expert: Cannabis Dispensaries Need to ‘Become More Like a Pharmacy,’ Otherwise Pharmacies Should Be Access Points for Unbiased Cannabis Dispensing

Is It Time for Medical Marijuana to Grow Up?

Really, the COVID-19 Vaccine is Free

Reluctant MDs

Everything you need to know about THC including 4 health benefits, potential risks, and how long it stays in your system

About to Use Weed for the First Time? 9 Tips from a Cannabis Journalist

How aging changed my cannabis routine – and might change yours, too

Beyond CBD, THC: ‘Minor’ Cannabinoids Flood Market

These PTA Parents Are Scared of Legalized Weed, But Should They Be?

Safe Use and Wellness With Cannabis

Will the Pandemic be the End of Puff, Puff, Pass?

Cannabis & Holistic Health

Docs Develop Clinical Guides for Medical Cannabis

Ep #157: Rec v. Medical Markets

Is the cannabis entourage effect real?

Researchers Suggest that Standardized Dosing of Cannabis Might be Important

What is the best quantity for a dose of cannabis?

What’s the Safest Way to Consume Cannabis Right Now?

Smoking More Weed Right Now? You Should Probably Read This

Worried About Coronavirus? Stop Sharing Joints

Comedian Bill Maher says the coronavirus means no more sharing joints with friends


Myths of using medical marijuana: fact from fiction.

LGH symposium clears air on medical marijuana

The Companies Offering DNA Testing To Find The Best Cannabis For You

The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens for a Healthier High

Cigarettes rolled with CBD and hemp aim to target vapers for alternative habit


Deaths From Vaping Jump to 10

38 patients now reported to have mysterious vaping-related lung illness in Mass

Vaping Is the Easiest Way to Smoke Weed—But May Be the Most Harmful

Bogus Vape Cartridges Linked to Outbreak of Pulmonary Problems, Hospitalizations

Antioxidants In Soybeans May Protect Against Marijuana-Related Heart Damage

Why It’s Time to Think Beyond Strains

Research Shows Weed Vaping Possibly More Dangerous Than Smoking

Do Strains Really Matter in Medical Cannabis?

No, Experts Don’t Consider Marijuana A Gateway Drug. Six Fact Checks From The Texas Legislature.

How to Get the Health Benefits of Cannabis Without Getting High

Here’s What Cannabinoids Do To Your Brain

How Legalizing Pot Is Creating a Widespread Case of the ‘Munchies’

Studies: Patients Using Cannabis for Pain Relief Depend Less on Opioids

THC-A: A Better Anti-Inflammatory And Neuro-Protectant

What the heck is nebulizing? And is it the next big thing for consuming cannabis?

8 Fascinating Chemical Differences Between Smoking Weed Vs. Vaping Weed

How Doctors Are Leading the Way in Medical Marijuana Education

New Studies Explore How Parents Use Marijuana

5 Studies On Smoking Marijuana Around Kids That Every Parent Should Read

How Sanitary Is It To Share A Pipe?

Enlucem Releases Findings of Calif. Consumer Cannabis Study

K2 Poisonings Show Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

FYI: There’s No Such Thing as a Homeopathic Vaccine Alternative

Breaking Point: How Long Can Someone Go Without Breathing?

Side Effects

It’s important to know the side effects of any medication you happen to be taking, and the same is true for medical marijuana.

Sick from side effects 1024x585 - In the News

When You Smoke Marijuana Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Muscles

High-potency marijuana carries health risks

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Help! Cannabis Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

Should you use cannabis when you have a cold or flu?

Why You Should Stop Bragging About Your High Cannabis Tolerance


Marijuana Withdrawal: What to Expect and How to Cope

Is Weed Or Alcohol More Addictive?

How does cannabis interact with other drugs?

Is weed or alcohol more addictive?

Is cannabis addictive?

Blunt Take: Is Cannabis Addiction Real?

The Health Hazards Facing ‘Triple Users’ of Marijuana, Cigarettes, and E-Cigarettes


Marijuana Withdrawal: 3 Facts You Should Know


Less is More: Why Cannabis Use Disorder is Becoming Increasingly Common, and what the Healthcare Community Must Know about Proper Dosing

How To Overcome Your Weed Hangover, According To Experts

What Happens To Your Body The Morning After Smoking Weed

Cannabis and coffee: How do they affect your body?

Can You Use Cannabis If You Have Coronavirus?

How does marijuana affect different parts of your brain?

Does weed make you lose weight? How one study sparked the debate

Cannabis Use and ‘False Memories’: What to Know

The Truth About Losing Weight With Weed

Does Cannabis Help Or Hurt Those With Asthma?

Stoned Sex: Help! My Partner Says I’m Addicted to Weed

Are Weed Hangovers Real? 4 Signs You’ve Had One

7 Side Effects Of Getting High, Explained

Should you use cannabis edibles if you’re sick?

What Is Popcorn Lung, and Can You Get It from Vaping?

Vaping Isn’t Just Dangerous, It’s Lethal

‘It’s honestly hell.’ Hospitals see rare vomiting syndrome in heavy marijuana consumers

How to Detox from THC

Will I need to keep using medical marijuana forever?

Will Smoking Weed Make My Flu Less Terrible?

Does Feeding the Endocannabinoid System Make Us Healthier?

How to Come Down From a Cannabis High

How To Sober Up When You Consume Too Much Cannabis

This Is What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and CBD

Five Ways to Prevent an Anxious High

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System?

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: Heavy Marijuana Use Linked To Rare Vomiting Illness


A Primer on Mixing Caffeine and Marijuana

Women's Health

Medical marijuana can be beneficial to conditions specific to women’s health issues.

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Now Offering Virtual Telemedicine Consultations

Fully Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

All of our appointments are being done by telemedicine. Patients love not having to take time away from work, fight traffic, or worry about parking. For us, telemedicine is like doing old-fashioned home visits — we get to see people in their own environments. What started out as an adaptation to a global crisis has transformed into a better way of providing healthcare.

Telemedicine, using Zoom, is easy to do with just a few clicks. It’s also safe and secure.

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