Fellowship in Cannabinoid Medicine

This six-month fellowship is intended to train attending physicians to practice cannabinoid medicine with the rigor and data-driven experience comparable to all fields of medicine.

Each week will be comprised of two full-day clinical experiences, a one half-day didactic experience as well as independent work. Each month will focus on a separate learning module designed to guide the fellow from physician to cannabinoid specialist.  Modules will be comprised of guided clinical encounters with patients at the inhaleMD clinic (using telemedicine), independent assigned reading and subsequent small-group discussion, and other didactic experiences.  At the conclusion of the fellowship, the learner will have the information and the confidence to practice cannabinoid medicine independently.

The fellowship includes the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the staff at inhaleMD, including the founder, Jordan Tishler, MD., one of the most highly regarded and sought-after experts in the field of cannabinoid medicine.

Additionally, the fellow will receive a one-year, complimentary membership to the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists to further their education and to provide broader connections to colleagues.  This includes access to Dr. Tishler’s ongoing monthly mentoring program.

      • Month 1

        • Observe patient sessions
        • Key independent readings – small-group discussion
        • Mock patient encounter with real-time feedback.
      • Month 2

        • Lead patient sessions with staff supervision
        • Real-time feedback and guidance
        • Write review article on topic mutually agreed, present to group
      • Month 3

        • Review patients ahead of time with staff, then see patients independently and present case while patient still present
        • Real-time feedback and guidance
      • Months 4 & 5

        • See patients independently
        • After-clinic feedback and guidance
        • Write review article on topic mutually agreed, present to group
            Timeline and Deadlines

            The tuition for the Fellowship in Cannabinoid Medicine is $5,600 for six months, inclusive of the holding fee and deposit. The tuition covers online course content, participation in patient clinics, faculty interaction, and ongoing mentoring sessions. 

            Tuition does not cover computer hardware, software, or internet access charges, lodging and travel expenses (if in-person), or any other expenses not mentioned above. 

            Fees and Expenses:

            Application fee:  Please complete the Fellowship application and return it along with a non-refundable $50 application fee.

            Holding fee: You can expect to hear whether you have been accepted into the fellowship program two months after your application is received. You will have one week to accept or decline the invitation. At that time there is non-refundable holding fee of $1000.

            Deposit: Your deposit of $2,300 is due thirty days after your acceptance.

            Tuition: The remainder of your tuition, $2,300, is due thirty days later.

            Classes occur on a rolling basis and graduation will occur after six months of attendance and successful completion of the Fellowship.

                  Additional Information and Opportunities
                  • Didactic Events

                    • Fellowship M&M
                    • Review article presentations
                    • Weekly fellow-organized Grand Rounds (open to alumni as well)
                  • Ongoing Alumni Events

                    • Grand Rounds
                    • M&M newsletter

                  Kindly contact us for more information and to receive your application.

                  leadership - Fellowship

                  I cannot recommend inhaleMD’s Fellowship program highly enough.

                  During my search for cannabinoid education I explored many options. I came across “card mills” which were willing to pay me simply for providing their patients medical marijuana cards. And, to be honest, I initially signed up with one of them. When I asked what happened if I didn’t feel a patient should be taking medical cannabis, I was told that they would be sent to another physician for certification and that I would not be paid. This seemed to me to be a process that encouraged unethical medical practices; one that contributes to the perception that medical marijuana is just a legalized way to let stoners get stoned.

                  I was fortunate enough to have been referred to inhaleMD and Dr. Jordan Tishler for true, science-based, medical cannabis education. During my fellowship I learned about the endocannabinoid system, the science behind the different methods of cannabis administration and the risks associated with certain cannabinoids, medical conditions, and medications.

                  I could go on and on. The bottom line is that I cannot imagine practicing cannabinoid medicine without the education that inhaleMD’s Fellowship provides. To know that I have their continued support is invaluable. And, as I opened with, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

                  Jill Becker, MD

                  Cannabinoid Specialist Physician

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                  Now Offering Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

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