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Medical Cannabis: Practical Aspects

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“What Medical Cannabis Would Look Like For Our Veterans”
Washington, D.C.

Fast forward to 35:30 to hear InhaleMD’s Jordan Tishler speak on this topic.

New England Medical Marijuana Convention

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Cannabis for Pain Management and Opioid Use Reduction | CannMed 2017

Quick Answer Series Videos

How To Use Your Vaporizer: What Is a Puff?

Cannabis Vaporization, Not Smoking

Being Safe With Medical Cannabis: Make Sure Your Cannabis Is Tested

Can Cannabis Help With Sex and Sexuality?

Dosing Cannabis Medicine: Go Low And Slow

What Are Cannabis Tinctures And What Are They Good For?

Understanding The Differences Between Medical Cannabis Use And Recreational Use

Why You Should Seek A Cannabis Medicine Specialist

What Is CBD And What Is It Really Good For?

What Is The Best Way To Store My Medical Cannabis?

How Important To Patient Outcomes Are Cannabis Strains?

Can I Overdose On Cannabis?

Why You Should Avoid Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Pens

Why Selecting Medium Potency Cannabis Is Important For Medical Cannabis Patients

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Will Cannabis Medicine Make Me Get Fat?

What Is a Cannabis Vaporizer?

What Illnesses Can Be Treated With Medical Cannabis

Can Cannabis Interact With My Other Medications?

My Mantra: It’s About The Care, Not The Card

Can Cannabis Help With Sex and Sexuality?

Being Safe With Medical Cannabis: Make Sure You’re Cannabis Is Tested

How To Get Reliable, Accurate Advice On Medical Cannabis Treatment

Does Cannabis Have To Cause Intoxication?

Is It Safe To Drive After Using Cannabis Medicine?

Will I Become Addicted To Cannabis Medicine?

Cannabis Medicine During Pregnancy

Bill Downing and Jordan Tishler MD at CWCBE talking about cannabis industry and medical care

Jordan Tishler MD on the GreenNurse Radio Show talking about cannabis and sex

Jordan Tishler MD at CWCBE talking about patient care

An Occasional Podcast

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