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Dr. Jordan Tishler occupies a unique vantage point in the burgeoning Cannabis world.  As an expert on Cannabis medicine, marijuana regulation and product development, his focus is on helping patients, law makers, and companies understand and benefit from the challenges in this emerging field.

Dr. Tishler began his career at Harvard College and then Harvard Medical School.  He has served the last 15 years as an emergency physician at the Veterans Administration hospital in Boston. During his time there he saw hundreds of veterans whose lives were severely damaged or destroyed by the ravages of drugs and alcohol.  In practice, he became an expert on treating the acute presentation of these illnesses.

Dr. Tishler soon found himself speaking to patient groups, physician’s groups including Massachusetts Medical Society, hospitals like Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the press, helping them understand the medical benefits of Cannabis. Dr. Tishler has authored over 100 articles and is regularly quoted in the media, such as Bustle, Vox, Medical Daily, Healthline,, and Yahoo News.

Dr. Tishler actively consults to medical dispensaries to ensure they have the utmost standard in care available to patients. He has developed standards of product development, package labeling, and professional training for Patient Service Agents (PSA).  Working with dispensaries to voluntarily exceed state mandated requirements, Dr. Tishler can help dispensaries gain a loyal following and be viewed by patients and regulators as a model all others should emulate.

He sits on the board, CannaKorp, whose Keureg-like approach to Cannabis vaporization sets them apart in the medical world by delivering consistent, accurate dosing by inhalation.


2017 Presentation Topics:

  • Sex and Cannabis: Can Cannabis Help with Human Sexuality?
  • Dosing and Micro-dosing Cannabis for Best Use
  • Cannabis Medicine: Practice Aspects for Clinicians
  • What Dispensary Agents Need to Know
  • Patients Are Different: Long Term Growth

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