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medical marijuana doctor MADr. Tishler is a leading expert in the field of Medical Cannabis therapeutics.  As an Emergency Physician, he has treated countless alcoholics and drug users. His observation that he had never seen a Cannabis overdose lead Dr. Tishler to delve deeply into the science of Cannabis safety and treatment.  After years of research and learning, Dr. Tishler brings his knowledge, reason, and caring to patients here at Inhale Medical Consulting, and through his advocacy work at the local and national levels.

Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and then Harvard Medical School (affectionately known together as Preparation H), trained in Internal Medicine at the esteemed Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and has spent many years working with the underserved, particularly our Veterans.

Dr. Tishler is also a parallel entrepreneur working for patients’ well being in the corporate space, helping to elevate dosing and safety profiles of medication, and helping to establish best practice for bringing new Cannabis products to market.

Dr. Tishler is a frequent speaker and author on a variety of topics related to the medical applications of cannabis. He is also a Massachusetts spokesperson for Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR).

Speaking Engagements:

  • Massachusetts Medical Society
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital HIV conference
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Social Work Grand Rounds
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital Grand Rounds
  • Wicked Good Weed Conference
  • Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance Conference
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Primary Care group
  • Patients Out of Time national conference 2016
  • Brookline Patient Symposium
  • New England Cannabis Convention
  • Green Flower Media Health Summit
  • Tufts Medical Center
  • Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
  • Portland Weed Week
  • Regis College
  • Boston VA Healthcare System
  • New England Treatment Access




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Courses Written:

  • Treating Anxiety and Depression with Cannabis
  • Dosing Cannabis Effective
  • Treating Patients with Cannabis (for Clinicians)
  • Sex and Cannabis

And other debilitating conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician, which may include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Find Out How
    Medical Marijuana
    Can Help With Your Illness

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