Massachusetts Marijuana Doctor for Male and Female Sexual Enhancement

Marijuana (Cannabis) is often recommended and prescribed for its medical uses, such as relieving pain, improving sleep, and alleviating depression.  But did you know that Cannabis also has emotional and physical benefits for healthy individuals?  Marijuana is a potent sexual aid for both men and women, and can help you enjoy better, more satisfying sex, intimacy, and orgasms alone or with a partner.

Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, Cannabis can act as a powerful yet natural sexual enhancement, with most people reporting minimal side effects that are typically limited to temporary drowsiness and increase in appetite.  If you’re a Massachusetts resident age 18 or older, and you’ve been looking for a sexual aid that is both effective yet gentle enough for daily or weekly use, contact Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886.  We can help you learn more about enhancing your sex life with marijuana in a confidential consultation.

Marijuana for Better Sex and Stronger Male and Female Orgasms

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Every year, millions of men and women go searching for sexual aids to enjoy increased libido and better, stronger, more frequent orgasms.  There are countless pills and potions that make dubious claims about sexual enhancement, promising increased stamina, larger erections or increased lubrication, and a surge in your libido.  You can find countless “sex pills” online or in drug stores – sometimes, even sitting next to the register at your local gas station.

Unfortunately, these types of products are poorly regulated and seldom if ever deliver the results they claim to.  At best, “sex supplements” are expensive placebos – and in the worst case scenario, the buyer could even wind up getting sick.

Cannabis is a significantly safer and more effective alternative to the sex enhancement drugs available for sale over the internet.  While a very small number of people have adverse effects, the overwhelming majority of Cannabis users have the opposite experience and report that any negative effects they observe are short-lived, mild, and easy to tolerate.  Moreover, unwanted effects can usually be eliminated or significantly reduced by adjusting the size of the user’s dose.

So what are the sexual benefits of Cannabis use?  How can marijuana improve your sex life and boost your enjoyment, alone or with a loved one?  While every person will have a unique experience, common subjective experiences reported by Cannabis users include:

  • An easier time achieving orgasm (in men and women who experience inhibited orgasm) and delaying orgasm (in men who experience premature ejaculation)
  • Enhanced sensitivity that creates more intense physical sensations
  • Greater sense of euphoria, well-being, and emotional satisfaction
  • Increased ability to focus on the sexual experience without stress, anxiety, or distraction
  • Increased ability to relax, “let go,” and connect with their partner
  • Increased libido and sexual interest in men and women
  • More frequent and intense orgasms in men and women

How Does Marijuana Enhance Sexual Pleasure and Arousal?

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Unlike “herbal supplements,” which are minimally regulated and thus poorly understood by the consumers who use them, Cannabis is subject to strict controls and is the subject of extensive research.  It has also been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years, with some of the oldest evidence of Cannabis use dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt.  While scientists and researchers are learning more about the properties of Cannabis all the time, research has accelerated during the past several decades, enabling a detailed, science-based discussion of how and why Cannabis affects the human mind and body to make sex more pleasurable regardless of gender.

Marijuana affects function and perception due to its active ingredients: approximately 85 chemical compounds known as “cannabinoids.”  The most famous and heavily researched cannabinoid is THC, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol.

You will probably be surprised to learn that your own body produces cannabinoids, which are called endogenous cannabinoids or “endocannabinoids” because they are synthesized internally.  Every day, the endocannabinoids made by your body interact with structures called “receptors”: specifically, two types of receptors designated “CB1” (Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1) and “CB2” (Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2).  For example, your body produces an endocannabinoid called AEA, or Anandamide, which activates CB1 receptors.

Whenever you use Cannabis, THC and dozens of other cannabinoids quickly begin to stimulate your CB1 and CB2 receptors, which temporarily amplifies the way these receptors usually function, usually without causing any serious or long-term harm.  If Cannabis is inhaled, this process begins almost immediately.  When Cannabis products are ingested (eaten), several hours may elapse before the user begins to notice any effects.

CB1 and CB2 receptors normally regulate functions such as pain perception, stress regulation, mood, and muscle tone.  That is why using Cannabis can reduce pain and anxiety, enable greater physical relaxation, and improve your mood, allowing men and women from diverse backgrounds to experience more fulfilling, intense, and enjoyable sexual pleasure.  THC has even been incorporated into personal lubricants for women.

Massachusetts Marijuana Sex Doctor for Men, Women, and Couples

Inhale MD is not a marijuana dispensary and does not sell Cannabis or Cannabis products, nor do we supply prescriptions for healthy individuals who have not been diagnosed with a qualifying condition such as cancer or Parkinson’s disease.  Our role is to provide adult Massachusetts residents with confidential, science-based information designed to help men and women achieve greater sexual enjoyment and satisfaction through the informed, responsible use of Cannabis.

To learn more about how Cannabis can help you unlock higher levels of sexual pleasure alone or with a loved one, contact Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886.  Your consultation will be kept absolutely confidential, and if you are unable to travel to our Boston area offices in Brookline and Cambridge, you may request a secure online consultation at your convenience.

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