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Most people are already aware of Massachusetts’ medical marijuana program, which was initiated in 2012 after voters approved a ballot measure. In 2016, Massachusetts advanced its legislation a step further by legalizing personal-use or “recreational” marijuana, which was previously decriminalized but not legal. As a result of the vote in 2016, adults are now permitted to purchase Cannabis and Cannabis products from state-sanctioned retail outlets, the first of which are tentatively scheduled to open during summer 2018.

With Cannabis now legally available to Massachusetts residents who have not been diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions, or, as they are otherwise known, “qualifying conditions,” many people have developed an interest in using Cannabis to enhance their general wellness. At the same time, many of these individuals – yourself perhaps included – lack familiarity or experience with Cannabis, which increases the risk of sustaining harm or experiencing adverse effects. To combat the risk of harm, Inhale MD provides educational materials about Cannabis for lifestyle and wellness, including sexual enhancement and emotional wellness.

To learn more about Cannabis for health and wellness, contact Dr. Jordan Tishler at (617) 477-8886 for a private and confidential consultation. Our offices are located in Brookline and Cambridge, with secure online consultations available.

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How Can Marijuana Enhance My Wellness and Health?

Discussions about Cannabis typically focus on medical marijuana and how it can be used to treat sick patients. Despite its recent legalization in Massachusetts, healthy individuals have limited guidance as to Cannabis use: dispensaries sell products, but do not provide education or scientific information, while physicians treat ill patients, but for obvious reasons do not see healthy individuals.

As a result, those curious about Cannabis are effectively forced to rely on internet research – a task which is hampered by the astounding amount of misinformation on personal blogs, message boards, social media groups, and other unreliable sources.

One of Inhale MD’s functions is to close this knowledge gap, and thereby mitigate the risk of harm, by providing sound and scientific educational materials about how Cannabis can affect the body and mind on a short- and long-term basis. While Inhale MD does not provide advice or prescriptions for those without qualifying conditions, we maintain our commitment to promoting factual, comprehensive, and unbiased Cannabis education. One of our goals is to ensure that our clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed and responsible decisions.

Cannabis works by interacting with structures in your brain called “receptors.” These receptors are stimulated by the cannabinoids found in Cannabis, such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This interaction produces a wide array of physical and mental effects, many of which can elevate your sense of wellbeing. Though these effects are subjective, meaning they vary from person to person, prominent trends have emerged across surveys and studies on the physical and psychological impacts of marijuana use.

Numerous people from all walks of life – young and elderly, male and female – consistently report the following observations about their experiences:

  • Heightened arousal and sexual enhancement
  • Improved ability to relax, focus on the present moment, and sleep restfully at night
  • Improved appetite, which can help you to achieve better nutritional intake
  • Improved mood, which can enhance productivity and make social relationships easier
  • Increased sense of inner calm and peace
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Reduced stress and irritability

Like any chemical substance, Cannabis does have a risk of producing undesirable effects. However, what makes Cannabis so unique is that these effects are usually mild, and seldom cause any long-term harm.

For the overwhelming majority of Cannabis users, the worst complaints are limited to temporary dry mouth, temporary throat irritation or coughing, and temporary drowsiness. It is unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery while using Cannabis, and you should discuss Cannabis with your doctor if you have a history of heart problems, as in very rare instances cardiovascular conditions may be exacerbated by use of marijuana.

Boston Marijuana Wellness Center in Brookline and Cambridge, MA

If you’re a resident of Massachusetts age 21 or older, and you feel that Cannabis could help you maintain a healthier lifestyle, we invite you to contact Inhale MD for a private consultation. Our founder, Dr. Jordan Tishler, will answer your questions and discuss your goals in detail to determine whether our practice can be of assistance. We do not function as a dispensary or sell Cannabis products. To set up a confidential marijuana consultation with Inhale MD in Brookline or Cambridge, call Dr. Tishler at (617) 477-8886 today.

Now Offering Virtual Telemedicine Consultations

Now Offering Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

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