Marijuana for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction in Boston, Massachusetts

Millions of men and women are affected by sexual dysfunction.  In men, common examples include erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido (reduced sex drive), premature ejaculation, and inhibited or delayed ejaculation.  In women, common examples include low libido, anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm), difficulty with female arousal (lubrication), and conditions like dyspareunia and vaginismus, which cause pelvic pain and painful intercourse.  In addition to being physically uncomfortable, these conditions can cause emotional pain and difficulty in romantic relationships, leading to feelings of depression, frustration, anxiety, embarrassment, and low self-esteem.   

If you are a Massachusetts resident age 18 or older, and a sexual dysfunction is negatively impacting your quality of life, you should consider speaking with a physician about the sexual wellness benefits of using Cannabis (marijuana).  Unlike existing sexual enhancement medications, Cannabis works at both the physiological and psychological level to counteract the physical and emotional causes of male and female sexual dysfunction.  This comprehensive, holistic approach to sexual wellness addresses not only sexual dysfunction, but more importantly, its underlying causes – something that prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis fail to do 

If you, your husband or wife, or your boyfriend or girlfriend is having difficulty with a sexual disorder, contact Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886 to learn more about how Cannabis can help men and women enjoy healthier, more satisfying, more passionate sex lives.  All consultations are completely confidential for your privacy and peace of mind.  

Are You Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Painful Intercourse, or Low Libido?  

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Prescription medications can effectively treat the physical problems that lead to erectile dysfunction.  Nonetheless, Viagra and related drugs suffer from numerous shortcomings.  For instance:  

  • Sex enhancement medications only work to counter physical issues, such as blood circulation.  As a result, they fail to provide significant relief for men whose dysfunction is tied to emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, or difficulty achieving a relaxed, uninhibited state of mind.  
  • Many medications are only for erectile disorder, leaving women (and men who suffer from other conditions) with limited options  
  • Viagra and related medications are simply unsafe for certain people to use.  For example, it is not safe for men who take medication containing nitrates.   

While many people have been helped by these types of medications, many others are left in the dark without substantial relief or improvement.  For men and women who cannot use these medications, or who continue to suffer from sexual dysfunction despite taking medication, Cannabis may be able to provide additional relief by helping men and women overcome the mental and physical obstacles that are preventing them from enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.   

How Marijuana Treats Underlying Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women  

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Any time you use any drug, the effects of that drug are attributed to one or more active ingredients.  For example, the reason Tylenol makes a headache feel better is that it contains acetaminophen, which inhibits the creation of compounds called prostaglandins, which send pain signals to your central nervous system.   

The active ingredients in Cannabis are aptly named “cannabinoids.”  The most famous cannabinoid is THC, but scientists have actually identified approximately 85 distinct cannabinoids in marijuana.   

Believe it or not, your body actually produces its own cannabinoids, called “endocannabinoids” because they are made inside your body.  Your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) uses endocannabinoids to regulate mood and pain perception, among other important functions.  

When you use Cannabis, THC and other cannabinoids quickly begin to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that comprise your body’s endocannabinoid system.  This temporarily alters your mood, as well as your perception of physical pain.   

While each individual has a slightly different experience using marijuana for sexual dysfunction, many people report subjective mental and emotional effects such as: 

  • Improved mood and decreased depression  
  • Decreased stress and anxiety  
  • Feeling less inhibited and better able to share intimacy with partners 

Needless to say, these emotional effects are conducive to a happier, healthier, more rewarding sex life for people suffering from sexual dysfunctionIn addition to enhancing mental wellness – which makes it easier for men and women to relax and enjoy pleasure alone or with loved ones – the cannabinoids contained in marijuana also have positive effects on some of the physical functions that play a role in human sexuality.  

For example, cannabinoids cause you to perceive pain as being less severe, which can be tremendously beneficial for women who experience pain during penetration.  Women who experience pain during intercourse may also benefit from marijuana’s muscle relaxing properties, which can make penetration easier and less uncomfortable.   

Marijuana Care Plans for Male and Female Sexual Disorders in Boston, Massachusetts  

If you or your romantic partner is having difficulty with sexual dysfunction, Cannabis may be able to provide the relief and fulfillment you deserve to experience.  Inhale MD can evaluate whether Cannabis is appropriate for you or your loved one, and provide ongoing guidance, counseling, and educational resources for treating sexual dysfunction in men and womenTo learn more about how marijuana can help to treat sexual dysfunction in a confidential consultation with a Boston marijuana doctor, contact Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886.   

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