Tools and Ingredients for THC-A Tincture


  1. Grind and weigh cannabis, place in small bowl
  2. Freeze cannabis and ethanol overnight
  3. Add cold ethanol to a small bowl with cannabis, return to freezer for 30 minutes
  4. Drain ethanol and cannabis into another small bowl through the coffee filter.
  5. Squeeze filter to get all liquid out. Discard filter and cannabis.
  6. Place bowl with cannabis extract in well ventilated but cool location until completely dried up. This may take 1-2 days.
  7. Add 24 ml of oil and 1 ml of lemon extract to bowl. Let sit overnight.
  8. Using pipette stir any undissolved material off the bottom of the bowl to get into solution. Transfer the oil to the tincture bottle. Label THC-A 40mg/ml.

See my article on THC-A for use guidelines.

Now Offering Virtual Telemedicine Consultations

Now Offering Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

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