Cannabis is a social justice issue and every candidate for president is talking about it – and missing the boat. Not one is talking about medical cannabis and the needs of patients.

Patient care is a social justice issue. All people need and deserve healthcare. In the US, healthcare outcomes are poor compared to other developed nations across the board, but are worse for people of color compared to whites. Medical cannabis treatment needs to be improved for all people.

Boston medical marijuana doctor Jordan Tishler explains how the legalization of marijuana may affect the medical cannabis industry.

How Medical Marijuana Use Affects Lives

There are over 180 million Americans of all colors and backgrounds over the age of 50, all of whom will develop one or more illnesses that can be treated with cannabis. We must not overlook the vast medical need.

The War on Drugs has been a dismal and harmful failure that needs to be ended. However, simple legalization of cannabis without first implementing a national medical cannabis system will harm patients.

Let us remember that some of the War on Drugs methodology originated with best of intentions. For example, mandatory minimum sentencing, a Clinton era concept, was ostensibly to protect those very communities of color from gang violence that it ultimately undermined. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Why a National Policy for Medical Marijuana Will Be Needed

A real medical cannabis system needs to be national. It must contain a number of element to make it work: immutable prescription, prohibition of unsubstantiated medical claims by manufacturers and sellers, and interstate operability (so that patients can travel with their medicine). Only with such a national program can we assure that all patients get the medicine they need, when and where they need it, without discrimination or being misled.

All people need, or will need, medical cannabis treatment during their life. The last nearly century of prohibition has robbed billions of Americans of treatment with this medicine. Research on the value of cannabis as medicine continues to amass but is 100 years behind where it should be due to prohibition.

Following the Money

Legalization will not lead to more or better research, it will lead to less. Why would companies spend millions to do their “homework” if they don’t need to in order to bring product to market? They won’t. We only need look to the current marketing for CBD to see the kind of snake-oil that will be on offer in the absence of regulation requiring scientific study. Legalize cannabis for social justice reasons. However, regulate it for safety – both the products and how they can be marketed. Prevent retail from pretending to provide medical care.

Legalize medical cannabis for proper medical treatment by qualified medical professionals. Institute proper prescribing and fund large-scale randomized controlled trials. Medical cannabis healthcare is a social justice issue. Let’s hear the candidates acknowledge and discuss how they’d implement a national medical cannabis prescribing system and support cannabis patients’ needs on a national level.

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Now Offering Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

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