About the Mass Patient Fund

The Mass Patient Fund is a private fund held by Inhale MD Medical Consulting to help defray the cost of medical services provided by Inhale MD Medical Consulting to patients who could not otherwise afford those services. Eligibility criteria are outlined below. In most cases, the Mass Patient Fund will cover all but $99 of the usual Inhale MD Medical Consulting fee.

To be eligible for the Mass Patient Fund support a patient must:

  • Request support verbally to Dr. Tishler or staff
  • Present evidence of hardship, which may include:
    1. Approved Federal disability paperwork
    2. Medicaid card
  • Pay any balance due, not covered by the Fund, prior to the next visit.

Eligibility shall remain at the sole discretion of Inhale MD Medical Consulting staff. Nothing in these rules, nor regarding Mass Patient Fund, shall compel Dr. Tishler or Inhale MD Medical Consulting to provide services or financial support to any patient.