Therapy with Dr. Jill Becker

Mind. Body. Spirit

Drawing from a unique background of Expressive Arts Therapy, Psychosynthesis, EFT, Positive Psychology, Metaphysics, Medical Sciences, and Human Sexuality, Jill Becker M.D. is able to understand the multiple facets of personal challenges. She will help interpret your life experiences using a combination of Western traditions and sciences and holistic techniques that blend mind, body, and spirit. 

Where Science and Holistic Practices Meet

Dr. Becker is a physician with extensive training in women’s sexual health, has a Masters’ Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a Concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy, and experience practicing transpersonal psychology and metaphysics (including energy healing, Chakra balancing, EFT).  Dr. Becker’s experience, education, and practical training make her an exceptional guide for your personal development. 

Services Provided:

Dr. Becker offers ongoing, individual therapy for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, personal challenges, relationship difficulties, and sexual dysfunction.  Sessions are typically weekly for 50 minutes.